• Drop Shot Worms

    The Drop Shot Worm is a smooth sided worm on top and bottom.  With the top contoured and the bottom perfectly flat, it's almost endless in the ways you can rig it.  The thick paddle type tail give you the opportunity to work the drop shot as a finesse style worm, drop shot rig, weightless, or as a wacky rig.  Coupling this mold with the shooting star gives you more color possibilities than you can imagine.  The Twin 3:1 injector will allow you to run almost a solid color with an accent line.  Whether you are running it as a solid color or a laminate, you can bet this will be one you want to keep in your arsenal while on the water.
  • Curl Tail Grub

    The Curl Tail Grub can be one of the best style molds for the crappie fisherman as well as the salt water guys.  This mold has a standard grub body with enough thickness to withstand some of the hardest hits by the fish.  Injecting from soft to saltwater blend plastisol can give you that perfect action or stiffness you are after.  The tapered tail has enough curl to give that perfect tail action that you are after.  With it being a thinner tail, you can still create some unbelievable transitions between top and bottom laminates.  This mold also produces some amazing looking baits when shot with a tail body laminate.
  • Crazy Craw

  • Craw Chunk

    The Craw Chunk is a twin tail craw trailer that gives a perfect thickness to the claws to get that desirable fluttering behind your favorite spinnerbait or jig.  This trailer shoots very clean lines as a top and bottom laminate or as a single color to complement the color of your tackle.  Being able to match this to any skirt and know that it has enough body through the hook point to stay on your lure can make the difference in a bad day on the water and being able to stand on the podium at the end of a tournament.
  • Brush Whacker

    The Ultra Molds Brush Whacker is one of the most sought after molds on the market.  With the perfect length curled legs, you get some of the best action seen in this style bait.  The bait injects well just about any way you can imagine.  With the taper of the bait behind the second appendage, you can inject some amazing color combinations with clean lines, as well as a top and bottom laminate color combo.  When the grass and structures are the things to fish, you have so many options of presentation.  Weightless, to get the slow decent.  Tokyo rig, to make the presentation irresistible.  You can bet this is one that will be a keeper.
  • Big Claw Craw

    Big pincers added to our popular Crazy Craw body make for an awesome profile and great action.
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    Air Vise Plus

  • Air Vise