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Ports and manifold are solid aluminum, for maximum heat transfer, ALL parts are CNC machined in house

Center Manifold/Port for two-color injection

Pocket in the manifold for heating injectors

Ports for single color injection on both pots

Pot lids have a viewport and hold the stirrer motors in a position

Stirrer motors are VARIABLE speed with a maximum of 75 rpm

Pots have a ceramic blanket for insulation and a protective aluminum wrap

The system is mounted to an aluminum base plate, with U brackets at each port for locking the injectors in place while drawing plastic

A control box is mounted under the base plate; there is a single rear power cord. Temperature controllers, motor speed controls, and switches are mounted in the front panel, stirrer motors plug into the side panels. A ventilation fan and louvers in the side panel cool the controls and relays


115 VAC 2 x 20 amps circuits

2 x 2000 watt heaters (17.4 amps each)

Motors/controllers 0.5 amps

Pot capacity 8 quarts or 256 oz PER POT

Temperature controllers are digital with a Fahrenheit readout and a sensor. Temperature is maintained to +/- 4 deg

1:1 Twin Injector 8 oz (2 x 4 oz barrels)

1 Pair of Hot Mill Gloves

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