Hand Injectors

Our hand injectors are ideal for use by the novice bait maker, producing basic single colour baits. These injectors can be used with any mold with a 5/8” injection port (sprue). The injectors come in 2 sizes complete  with injection nozzles. Simply heat your Plastisol using a microwave or cookpots, draw up the plastic, connect to your choice of bait mold and inject.

  • Easy to use
  • Single color injection
  • For use with cookpots or microwave
  • Choice of sizes
  • Additional quick change nozzles available


The “Shooting Star” 2-Color System

Our unique design allows the more experienced baits makers to produce one or two color baits. Suitable to use with all types of “shot” you are able to produce higher volumes of baits with this extremely fast and efficient injection system.

The Shooting Star system uses two 12qt stainless steel cookpots bought to temperature and kept hot by a 2000 watt heater. Quick and easy to connect, injector ports on each pot allows colors to be drawn individually, whilst the twin centre port allows you to draw from both pots for laminated colors. Wastage is kept to a minimum by injecting any unused material back in to the pots before returning the double barrel injector to a heated “pocket” to keep it hot between uses.

  • Extremely fast
  • 1 or 2 color baits
  • Minimal wastage
  • Digital temperature control
  • Lid features stirring motor,  venting and fill ports
  • Drain valve for easy emptying
  • Easy clean out
  • Mounts to bench