Air Vise

The two plates are operated with 4 air cylinders, utilizing push/pull valves to open and close the plates instantly. The Air Vise will open to a depth of 6” allowing it to hold up to 6, 1” standard molds up to 12” long and 6”-8” high.

Air Vise PLUS

Extra air cylinders and an additional value activates our special “sliding gate” molds

Quick Clamps

The Quick Clamp system is for use with our Classic range of molds and accommodates up to five 2” or 3” wide molds. Again the push/pull air values give instant operation.

The base module will hold 6” long molds, or simply connect add-on clamps to hold molds of any length.

Cooling Plates

Also available are mold cooling plates. The ½” thick plates can be placed between molds and connected in a series to an open or closed loop water supply.